Chevrolet Nomad

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Caractéristiques techniques

Marque : Chevrolet
Modèle : Nomad
Motorisation : V8
Couleur :
Année : 1956
Numéro de châssis :
Boîte à vitesse : Automatique


"The origins of the Chevrolet Nomad can be traced back to a General Motors Motorama concept car that was based on the 1953 Corvette. The concept was introduced at the G.M. Motorama, joining the fastback Corvette Corvair concept on stage as one of Head Stylist Harley Earl's ""Dream Cars"". The Nomad concept had the front-end of a Corvette, the back of a sleek, yet practical wagon, and the ability to carry six people. Under the hood was an inline-six, producing 150hp, with a two-speed Powerglide. Although it shared a fiberglass body with the Corvette and carried Corvette styling cues, the Nomad was built on a modified 1953 Chevrolet sedan chassis.

G.M. approved the production of the vehicle but on the condition that the design would be transferred to its standard model. Top brass felt that the Nomad would appeal to a wider market segment if it utilized the already popular Bel Air platform and styling.
From the outset, the goal was to distinguish the Nomad from other wagons in the lineup. To accomplish this, G.M. outfitted it with elements unique to the new model. Some of these elements included, sliding quarter windows, seven vertical chrome tailgate bars, a grooved roof, forward sloping B-pillars, and two doors."

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